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Tahitian Black Pearls are among the world’s most desired and cherished gems, and the most sought after Pearls on earth.

There is a sensuality, mystery and allure that is timeless, universal and undeniable.

Part of it is the sheer magnificence of the Pearls themselves, part the romance and beauty of Tahiti, and part the irresistibility of possessing something so incomparably rare.

Although Tahitian Black Pearls are truly beautiful on their own, making elegant Black Pearl necklaces when strung together or stunning Pearl pendants, they also pair wonderfully with other stones, such as diamonds or when worked with precious metals.

Tropical paradise comes to mind when wearing exquisite Tahitian Black Pearl jewelry designed for you by Sabine.

Sab Pearls is in Moorea because it is one of the most romantic places in the world, in French Polynesia, facing the sister island of Tahiti and because Sabine, the owner, can’t imagine being anywhere else…Naturally, our designs are heavily influenced by their environment, so the pieces we create with exquisite Tahitian Black Pearls are in the character of Moorea, imbued with the romance of French Polynesia, and uniquely possessed of the exotic sensuality of the South Pacific.Tahitian Black Pearl jewelry from Sab Pearls is not going to look like New York, London or Paris. It is going to look like hot tropical nights and the amazing crystal clear lagoons of Moorea. It is going to have a sense of place. In other words, it is going to be Polynesian.

Tahitian Black Pearls from Sab Pearls are truly uncommon and luminescent in their beauty. They absolutely inspire fascination and envy. It’s not just a pearl, it’s a Sab Tahitian Black Pearl, from Moorea, French Polynesia… And it is going to take people’s breath away… 


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